A Stevenston swimmer has spoken out in support of a swimming project for deaf people.

Danielle Joyce is ten times world deaf swimming champion and an ambassador for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). 

The 19-year-old praised a nationwide coaching programme for professional swimming teachers, organised by the NDCS in Scotland and supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

According to a report issued by the National Deaf Children’s Society, the first 12 months of the two-year programme has seen huge progress in teaching deaf children and young people throughout Scotland how to swim.

Danielle said: “It is really encouraging and so important that, after only 12 months, so many swimming instructors and coaches have learned how to communicate to deaf children who are learning to swim.

“I know personally how vital it is for deaf swimmers to be able to understand instructions from our trainers and coaches at the side of the pool. 

"This project has already contributed immensely in getting more deaf young Scots into swimming and there is a further year to go.”