A KILWINNING woman has blasted the council’s new ‘Right Stuff, Right Bin’ scheme, and has accused the authority of putting people off recycling.

The initiative, which aims to increase the impressive recycling rate that the council already boasts, has been criticised after some bins weren’t emptied.

Now the scheme is being blasted again after a disabled Kilwinning woman’s blue recycling bin wasn’t lifted, despite her claims that there were no “wrong” items inside it.

Kay Smith, of Highfield Street, said that the council has made recycling such a hassle for people that it is discouraging them from using their blue bins.

She said: “I’m an avid recycler. I go out my way to do everything the right way to recycle and they’ve slapped it back in my face.

“When I phoned the council to tell them my bin hadn’t been emptied they said that they refused because there was a black bin bag inside. I take umbrage to this – it was an empty black bin bag and it’s plastic and as far as I know plastics are recyclable.

“A lot of the bins are now getting ticketed because the council are just refusing to empty them.

“They must be having an easy walk, just lifting bin lids and saying ‘I wont empty that one today’ because about half the street are not emptied.

“Seven bins on my street were un-emptied this week.

“There are people who have to bump their bins downstairs and it’s hard as it is, so can you imagine – if the bins are not emptied – them having to get their bins back up the steps again while still full?

“This is putting people off. Is that what the council want? They’re actively encouraging people not to bother their backsides with recycling.”

Kay was told by the council that her blue bin will be lifted in two weeks. But she was concerned that her rubbish would accumulate so much by then that she would be forced to abandon recycling altogether.

She said: “If you’re an avid recycler as I am, you’ll know that you’re blue bin is bursting at the seams by the time you take it out to be emptied.

“This means that all my recycling waste for the

next two weeks will have to go in my grey bin so it’s going to have to go to landfill now.

“The council have made it extremely awkward for people.

“I won’t recycle any more, it’s just too much hassle.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “It has always been our aim to ensure residents are fully informed when it comes to recycling so that they can make the most of our recycling facilities – both at home and through our recycling centres.

“The introduction of the ‘Right Stuff Right Bin’ campaign assists us in doing so by helping everyone understand what can and cannot go in each of our bins.

“Our easy to use recycling facilities have ensured we are one of the best performing areas in Scotland when it comes to recycling and we are keen to maintain this great standard.

“Black bin bags/liners should not be disposed of in blue recycling bins – this has been the case for many years.

“Information on what should and shouldn’t be disposed of in each of our bins is available online and you can also call us for advice.”

The spokesperson added that the ‘rules of recycling’ are:

– Blue bin should only contain loose recyclable glass containers, plastic bottles and pots, metal cans, tins, cardboard and paper – these should not be placed within bags.

– Brown bin should only be used for both food and garden waste.

– Grey bin should be used for all other household waste.

For more information, visit the council website on 01294 310 000.