RESIDENTS from North Ayrshire are set to benefit from improvements to the Day Hospital at Ayrshire Central Hospital after the service underwent a redesign.

The Day Hospital, which will now be known as Beechview Health and Therapy, recently went through a review where patients, service-users and staff were asked about their experiences using the services and how they could be improved.

Included in the changes, patients will now be encouraged to be more involved in their rehabilitation, setting their own goals so that treatment can be tailored around what matters to them.

It will change from a consultant–led service to a multidisciplinary team with professionals from a range of disciplines, with consultant involvement for the fall clinic.

The service will now be open to all adults, rather than only for older adults, and those who are medically stable and able to actively take part in a treatment plan.

Ayrshire Central Hospital say the Beechview Health and Therapy Service will put people’s needs first, with more choice about where, when and how long people are treated.

People will also be able to be seen in their own homes if that is their choice and can be accommodated and any
professional involved in the person’s health or social care can refer an individual.