ARRAN Graphic designer Graham Chappell says that the whole debate between Ardrossan and Troon should be put on ice until the new ferry is built.

The new boat is set to come in to play in 2018 and Peel Ports, owners of Ardrossan, say that it will provide a much more reliable service with the way in which it is designed.

Graham, who has lived on the island for more than 20 years, told the Herald: “I’m not bothered where it goes, I want a better service with more reliability. We don’t know what the new ferries are going to be like, they might get into Ardrossan way better than the current ferry does, in which case I don’t think there’s a reason to move it. The building’s there, the train station is there and the shops are there. Everyone knows where to go.

“If the boat can get in, leave it at Ardrossan but I don’t think a decision can be made until we see what the boat does in rough weather.

“I think the new boats should be up and running before they make the decision. We are having massive amounts of disruption here [at Brodick]. Let’s see if they can get into Ardrossan on a rough day, if they can, then fair enough, if they can’t then Troon should be saying ‘Here is the future of your ferry service’. “

Sources told the Herald that the new ferry being introduced would mean massive financial investment in either Ardrossan or Troon.

It is believed that current infrastructure at both ports is not yet suitable for the new state-of-the-art vessel and that it is unlikely that either would invest without assurances that they would be able to have the service to Brodick on a full-time and long-term basis.

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