Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day for Beith couple Joe and Elsie Orr, who have hardly been apart from each other in over half a century.

Joe, 90, and 92-year-old Elsie have been married for 58 years and now share a room together at Spiers Care Home in Janefield Place.

The couple married in 1968 after meeting through a mutual friend one evening.

Elsie was given a lift home from work and Joe just happened to be in the car – Elsie still says to this day that it was a set up!

When Elsie had to go into the care home two years ago, the couple couldn’t face being apart and so Joe moved in as well to be with her.

Joe has one daughter from a previous marriage who lives in Shropshire and she visits the couple often.

A spokeswoman from Spiers Care Home said that the pair are “rarely apart from each other”.

She added: “It is unusual to find couples living together in care homes, but Mr and Mrs Orr have been married for over 50 years and now live in a double room at Spiers in Beith.

“Both have lived at Spiers Care Home since 2015.

“Elsie moved to the home first but she didn’t like spending time apart from her husband, so they were both over the moon when Spiers managed to arrange the double room.

“They both settled quickly and still love spending time together.

“They also enjoy chatting to everyone who passes their room.”