GLASGOW Author Angela Proctor recently visited two primary schools in North Ayrshire to introduce them to her Thumble Tumble Book Series.

Angela is an author, full time successful businesswoman and mum to two young children. One of Angela’s main reasons for writing her books is to encourage children to become excited by all things literary through the fictional adventures of Thumble Tumble, a little witch from the Isle of Arran.

To this end, Angela has visited in excess of 100 schools to inspire the children to get involved in the adventures and start their own imaginations rolling!

During the visits to Garnock and Beith Primaries, having introduced them to a chapter of her book, Angela led the children in an Imagination Challenge where the children are tasked with creating their own spells and potions. The creativity shown by the children was exceptional conjuring all sorts of fantastical words and ideas to help scare off Rhino, the Spike Back Giant who was threatening to eat Thumble Tumble! The children from Garnock devised the Cobrakadabra Potion while Beith created the Enchanted Shrinking Potion!

Angela comments: “I just love visiting schools to read to the children, particularly with World Book Day just last week. The children showed the most amazing creativity at devising their Potions in relation to the 19 foot giant in my first book, their creative minds never cease to amaze me - might take some of the ideas on board for book three!”

The third in the planned series of eight books that follows Thumble Tumble’s adventures on the island is currently well underway.