AN initiative that could massively reduce fuel poverty across North Ayrshire is being considered by North Ayrshire Council.

They are set to explore an option which would allow them to create their own local energy tariffs.

Known as an ‘Energy White Label’ the council would form a partnership with a gas and electricity supplier - allowing greater control of prices across North Ayrshire.

‘White Labels’ have already proved particularly successful in England.

The creation of a White Label should bring further opportunities to deploy smart meters in houses across North Ayrshire and allows greater scope to move people away from pre-payment meters.

Councillors heard of the proposals at a meeting of North Ayrshire’s Cabinet on Tuesday.

Officers will also assess whether there will be a customer demand for this type of project across North Ayrshire.

Craig Hatton, Executive Director (Place), said: “This has the potential to be a huge and positive development in our battle to get rid of fuel poverty in North Ayrshire.”