WOMEN from Ayrshire travelled to a mass demonstration in London on Wednesday, March 8, to protest at the lack of information given to them about their state pension changes.

The event, organised by the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign, coincided with Budget Day and also International Women’s Day.

Ann Fraser a coordinator of the Ayrshire WASPI group, said: “Of course we support bringing about equality in pensions between men and women, but the problem is that the government didn’t inform women when they made the change in 1995.”

“We are still meeting women in Ayrshire who genuinely believe they will get their pension at 60. The lack of notice has caused real problems, not allowing women time to plan for their later retirement and pushing many into financial hardship.”

The demonstration, which was followed by a mass lobby of MPs, including Phillipa Whitford, Patricia Gibson, Corri Wilson and Alan Brown.