CONSERVATIVE MSP and former General Election candidate Jamie Greene has welcomed the announcement a General Election will be held in June.

The Prime Minister set out her plans for a snap election on the streets of Downing Street yesterday.

It is unclear at this stage who the Conservative candidate will be but Jamie Greene has stood at the last two elections in North Ayrshire for the party.

Jamie Greene MSP commented: “I very much welcome the Prime Minister's announcement. The Scottish Conservatives are ready for a campaign, we are organised, and we are optimistic about the prospect of increasing our number of seats.”

“We have a clear message going into this election, by voting for the Scottish Conservatives you are voting for strong leadership for this country.”

“A vote for us on June 8 is a vote against a second independence referendum and a defiant call for the SNP to get back to the day job. On June 8, we can send a clear message to Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh and finally have our voices heard.”

“The choice at this election is simple: it’s between a strong government led by Theresa May working to get the best Brexit deal, or a weak Labour government, led by Jeremy Corbyn, which cannot stand up to the SNP.

“The Scottish Conservatives will be fighting a Scotland-wide campaign in this election. Our aim is to gain support all over the country. We will be fighting for every vote.”

“I very much look forward to the campaign.”