THE MAN accused of murdering Mr Scotland bodybuilder champion Michael O'Hanlon yesterday (Wed) denied he had confessed to killing him and broke down sobbing.

Steven Kirkwood, who denies murdering 45-year-old Michael, whose nickname was Musk, at HK Autotek garage in Stevenston, on July 25, last year, by stabbing him, was giving evidence for a second day at the High Court in Glasgow.

Prosecutor Richard Goddard said to Kirkwood: “You claim after the incident at the garage you didn't notice the blood and didn't think Mr O'Hanlon had a scratch on him,” and he agreed with that.

The jury has heard that Kirkwood drove to his stepson Derek Kirkwood's shop in Paisley after leaving the garage. In the shop at the time were his stepson and customer and friend Fraser Reid, 23.

Mr Goddard then said: “Why then less than 45 minutes later did you tell Fraser Reid: 'I set about Musky. I stabbed him. I think I've killed him,'” and Kirkwood replied: “I don't know what was said in the shop. I wouldn't have said I set about anybody. When I left the garage I didn't know what had happened.

“Musk was having breathing difficulties. I didn't think I had struck Musk with the knife.”

In evidence Kirwood claimed he couldn't remember what was said in the shop and added: “I was hysterical.”

Mr Goddard told Kirkwood: “We have seen you marching in the shop and giving Fraser Reid orders, the CCTC is turned off and you drive away. You weren't hysterical,” and he replied: “I was.”

Kirkwood addd: “I never attacked them. They attacked me so why should I tell Fraser Reid someone I barely know that I've just attacked him.”

Mr Goddard said that garage owner Ian Hamilton had described Kirkwood deliberately stabbing Michael O'Hanlon and added: “That fits with what you told Fraser Reid.”

Kirkwood told the prosecutor: “I don't know what I told Fraser Reid. I never confessed to anything. I didn't know until 15 minutes after I left the shop that Michael had been stabbed and I didn't know until 3.45pm in my lawyer's officer that he had died.”

He then broke down sobbing and the court had to be adjourned to allow him to compose himself.

Kirkwood has lodged a special defence of self defence.

He claims he was acting in self defence after being attacked by Michael and World Strongest Man competitor Forbes Cowan.

Kirkwood told the jury while he was pinned down from behind and on one knee he saw a knife on the floor of the garage office and picked it up and swung it behind him.

Prosecutor Mr Goddard  said: “You stabbed a man, even on your own account, four times while he was unarmed,” and Kirkwood replied: “I couldn't see him. I couldn't see Forbes Cowan. All I know is they were attacking me. That knife wasn't on the floor when it first started. I saw the knife and panicked. It wasn't my knife.

“I didn't know he was unarmed and I didn't know I'd struck him with the knife in the first place.”

The trial before judge Lady Rae continues.