WHEN East Kilbride’s Saoirse (eight) and Rohan (five) Smyth visited Saltcoats recently, they didn’t expect to meet another brother and sister with the same names.

But that’s exactly what happened when the siblings went to South Beach Play Park while visiting their grandfather John Wallace, the son of former Herald editor Archie Wallace.

Mum Donna said: “Both the children have unusual names so it’s rare that they meet anyone with the same names as them, but to meet a brother and sister with the same names was an amazing coincidence! Both myself and the other mother were amazed.

“We had taken the trip to Saltcoats as a trip down memory lane as I spent a lot of time there as a child with my grandparents who lived in Montgomerie Crescent and wanted the children to visit too. They certainly won’t forget the trip now!”

Saoirse added: “I was astonished. It was really fun playing with someone with the same name as me.”