STAFF and pupils chipped in every bit of spare change they had to decide which teacher would be gunged for charity.

Corsehill Primary decided that they would finish off the school term with a bit of fun.

All the teachers had buckets which staff and pupils had been donating to and it was decided that the heaviest bucket meant that they would be gunged.

All of the money was donated to Holly’s Journey, the fund to help Saltcoats schoolgirl Holly McLeod.

Six-year-old Holly, who has cerebral palsy, will travel thousands of miles to America for a life-changing operation which could help her to walk.

On the lead up to the last day Ms Cunningham was winning but three of the teachers emptied their buckets into Miss Bleakley’s bucket meaning she would face the gunge.

Raising around £300, Holly was there on the day after returning from her treatment in America and even started off the gunging, much to the delight of the watching crowd.