Police launched a crack down in Kilwinning’s Main Street last week over repeated incidents of motorists ignoring restrictions.

Kilwinning police announced the move last week with the action starting as of Friday, September 22.

Sgt Derek Anderson said: “Due to ongoing complaints regarding Kilwinning Main Street, as of Friday, September 22, the road traffic policing unit have got an action plan in place and an enforcement period will be incurring.

The areas and issues identified are the main street in Kilwinning, with restricted road access from Church Street, drivers doing three point turns in the main street against the one way system.

Police have also highlighted issues at the car park at Almswall road, drivers failing to obey restricted road access from Abbeygate, drivers failing to obey no entry signs and one-way system from Almswall road car park into Abbeygate, drivers misusing loading bays and disabled bays in the main street, drivers failing to obey no waiting parking restrictions on Almswall road from 8am-6pm.

There have also been issues with drivers misusing taxis only bay on Almswall road, with the junction on main street, drivers indiscriminately parking not within marked bays in contravention of car park orders.

Secretary of Kilwinning Community Council Nairn McDonald said: “We have been raising the these issues for years and have seen little progress in resolving them.

“We are pleased and welcome the action plan put forward by the officers and look forward to seeing it begin.

“These restrictions aren’t new nor are the parking bays unclearly mark so we hope this period of enforcement will see an end to what has been a long running saga.”