Local Theatre Company Capall Dorcha has announced two new drama workshops for young people living in North Ayrshire during the October School Holidays.

The ‘spooktacular’ event will bring together drama and allow young people from throughout the region to take part in this year’s Hallowe’en Festival. The workshops will teach young people street theatre skills for a performance at the upcoming Ardrossan Hallowe’en Festival on October 28.

Executive creative producer, Barry Roberston, said: “This is one of our most ambitious ensemble events to date.

“Working in partnership with North Ayrshire Council, Ardrossan Youth Hut, Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society, and the Independent State of Happiness, we are bringing the local tales of Ardrossan to life to what is going to be a great Hallowe’en festival.

“We have two workshops during the October Holidays. The first, for primary school children, is called the The Enchanted Saddle, which tells the story of Sir Fergus of Ardrossan, who struck a deal with the devil for his soul in return for giving him fabulous horsemanship skills.

“The second, called The Warrior, is for secondary school children, telling the story of William Wallace’s death [and includes] learning Gaelic, puppetry and movement skills.

“We are excited to be part of this year’s Hallowe’en Festival and can’t wait to showcase the work we do through Ensemble at this year’s Halloween Festival in our local community.”

Both workshops take place in Ardrossan Civic Centre between 1-6pm.

The Enchanted Saddle, for P5-P7 age, is on October 14-15. The Warrior, for young people in S1-S6, takes place on October 16-17

For anyone interested in taking part in the workshops, please sign up online at http://www.capalldorcha.com/ensemble.