HEARTLESS vandals have attacked the Ardrossan Garden of Remembrance with eggs - less than 24 hours after Remembrance Sunday. 

On Monday morning, the Herald were made aware of the act of idiocy at the Glasgow Street Garden and immediately spoke to local Legion members. 

The members acted quickly and cleaned up the mess but this did not stop the upset that had already been caused. 

Local Legion President Alistair Kennedy slammed the vandals and said: “How sad after all the work to better the Garden of Remembrance to keep the memory of those who gave their lives for these vandals to smash eggs against the Memorial.

“The work was done by the council, churches, the Three Towns Royal British Legion Scotland, who all donated.

"Vandals, please note, it was members of all our families who gave their lives so that you have the freedom to do the sad thing that you have stupidly done. Hang your heads in shame.

“I thank Richard Holmes, Vic Lees and Rev Jim Smith who kindly cleaned up the mess.”

Ardrossan and Arran Councillor, Tony Gurney, added: "I was privileged to represent the local community and lay a wreath at the Remembrance Day commemorations. This act remembers those who lost their lives in conflicts large and small and, no matter the rights and wrongs of those engagements, it is entirely correct that we honour the fallen and ensure that we never forget.

"The recent desecration of the war memorial is an act of sublime stupidity by those who carried out the act. The perpetrators should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. The one redeeming thought is that this disgusting act of vandalism does not represent the community of Ardrossan, large numbers of whom turned out on Remembrance Sunday to pay their own respects."