POLICE urge residents to be aware of a current internet scam targeting Netflix account holders.

The scam targets individuals by emailing them and advising them that their Netflix account has been suspended.

The email includes a link to ‘restart their membership’ and asks the user to provide bank and other personal details thereby providing the scammers with access to their finances.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “These scammers are using a well-known online media provider’s name in order to lull victims in to a false sense of security, gain their bank details and withdraw money from their account.

“Scammers create a sense of urgency in an email or pop-up that will often look very convincing and may even be personalised with the target’s name. Our advice remains the same – take a few minutes to consider what is happening before clicking any links or providing personal details.

“If you are the recipient of this email please delete it immediately – do not click on any part of the emai.”

For more information visit here.