IT was New Year’s Day ‘madness’ in Ardrossan at the beach as brave locals took a dip in the water.

A group of warm-hearted but shivering souls braved the freezing temperature, beating rain and foaming, ice-cold waves to dive under Ardrossan’s South Beach waters last Monday.

Organised by class teacher, Cecilia Walsh and her headteacher Dennis Hopkins of St Bridget’s Primary School, Kilbirnie, this ‘Splash-the-Cash’ event is fast becoming a local tradition.

The beneficiary of the swim is the charity HCPT, which provides holidays to Lourdes to change the lives of children and adults.

Cecilia tells us that her target of £750 is well on the way to being doubled. Well done to all colleagues, friends and school families for their hard work in raising such funds.

You may still donate by clicking here.