AN elderly driver has admitted to causing a crash which resulted in three people suffering serious injuries.

Henry Sammons, 79, of Ardrossan’s Seafield Court, pled guilty to one charge at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

The court heard that at around 3pm on August 12 last year, Sammons was driving between Ardrossan and Seamill when he lost control of his vehicle.

He started to drift over the central line onto the opposite carriageway and into the path of oncoming vehicles.

A driver travelling in the opposite direction tried to take evasive action to avoid a collision, but Sammons’ vehicle crashed into his car, which in turn collided with a traffic sign.

The crash caused damage to both vehicles and serious injury to the other driver, his wife and Sammons’ female passenger.

The fire service attended and had to cut the other driver and his wife free from their vehicle.

All four occupants of both cars were taken to Crosshouse Hospital. Sammons told hospital staff that he had no recollection of the accident.

He was released he next day with minor cuts and bruises. His passenger suffered injuries including a fractured sternum, bruising to her ribs, arm and hip and was discharged three days later.

The other driver remained in hospital for more than two weeks, having suffered a neck injury, a fractured right leg and other injuries. His wife also remained in hospital for over a fortnight, having sustained injuries such as a fractured sternum, broken ribs on both sides and bruising to her hips.

Sammons’ solicitor said: “He’s not got any explanation for what caused the crash, he has no recollection, just of the airbags going off. He didn’t know what caused it, perhaps the sun in his eye, he’s not sure. He’s on no medication, there’s no history of blackouts.

“He regrets the injuries caused to the other passengers. He’s taken the appropriate steps and surrendered his licence.

“He’s 79 and this is his first time in a court, except as part of a jury. Take into account the plea and his lack of previous convictions. He does accept very serious injuries were caused here.”

Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane told Sammons: “I will need to call for a report before I deal with you. I suspect that might be with a fine, but I don’t know what.”

Sammons will return to the court in February for sentencing. He was disqualified from driving in the meantime.