MOORPARK Primary 7 pupils enjoyed a great Burns Lunch recently.

The top table, including chairperson Natasha Robertson and vice chairperson Struan Hays, were piped in by Callum MacMillan.

Haggis bearer Ashley Wilson also said the Selkirk Grace, while the Address to the Haggis was performed by Jamie Higgins, Callum Walker, Brodie McCallum and Logan McSkimming.

Ae Fond Kiss was performed by Abi Halliday, Emily Sievwright, Bryony Ferguson and Abigail Young before the Immortal Memory was proposed by Charlotte Halliday.

Willie Wastle was performed by Struan Hays, Shaye Forsyth, Mikey Johnstone and Cody Boyle, while My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose was sang by Logan McSkimming, Charlotte Halliday and Avril O’Neill.

The Toast Tae The Lassies was delivered by Stewart Macvie before P5 and P5/6 sang the famous Welly Boot Song.

Primary 7 drummers performed before Abigail Young gave the Reply from the Lassies.

Piper Callum MacMillan performed a medley before Ashley Wilson, Struan Hays and Paige Hood sang Westering Home.

The poem Scots Wha Hae was recited by MacKenzie Hanson, Robbie McMillan, Ryan Taylor and Jordan McGhee.

Primary 6 pupils sang Bonnie Wee Jeanie McColl, which was followed by a piano instrumental by Hannah Smith.

Emily Sievwright, Skye Maxwell, Ryan Law and Hayden McGregor recited To a Mouse, which was followed by a chanter performance of Amazing Grace by Thomas McBride, then a dance from pupils in P3/4 and a brass instrumental of the Skye Boat Song.

Ye Banks and Braes was sang by Mikey Johnstone, Lewis McElvanney, Mirrin McQuade and Ellie Gordon.

The event ended with a vote of thanks from the Rev Ross, a performance of the Red Yo Yo song by the choir and, finally, Auld Lang Syne.

Congratulations to all who took part.