A BUSY week for Ardrossan's Coastguard Rescue Team continuted on Monday when the they were called out after reports of a vessel in difficulty near Saltcoats

Around 9pm on Monday, February 12, the Coastguard Team responded immediately after a member of the public had seen what they thought was a flashing light out at sea.

Concerned someone may be in trouble, they immediately dialled 999 and asked for the Coastguard.

The team arrived on scene and were quickly able to establish the light seen was actually from a head torch of a fisherman at Saltcoats harbour.

With the source of the light identified and no vessels or persons in need of assistance, the team has thereafter stood down and returned to station with the call being deemed as a false alarm with good intent (FAGI).

A Coastguard spokesman said: "Thankfully on this occasion no persons required our assistance but we are thankful to the eagle-eyed member of the public who spotted the light and quickly contacted the Coastguard."