ONE of Ardrossan’s most well-known characters will take on the role of Chieftain for the 2018 Highland Games.

Pat Breen of Ardrossan Winton Rovers and Breen Roofing will be the boss for this year and accepted the call from the Games committee after the initial shock of being asked.

Pat, a big community activist through his work with Winton Rovers, the Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society and his support of other events is a a more than worthy appointment and he told the Herald of his surprised at being asked.

He said: “I got the phone call on a Thursday afternoon. It was a wet February day and I was soaked to the skin and I had a message to phone Margaret from the Higland Games and I thought it was about advertising and I said I would be doing the usual but I was told they had to speak to me in person and I thought something serious was up and she said ‘Pat, how would you like to be Chieftain of the Highland Games?’.

“I was actually really shocked and surprised. I didn’t know what was involved and I spoke to Frank Sweeney at Cunninghame Housing and Paul Stevenston who have both been the Chieftain and they both said ‘Pat, it is one of the best days of your life’ so I said to myself, if it is good enough for the Chief Executive of Cunninghame Housing and if it is good enough for the local undertaker then it is good enough for Pat Breen.

“The Highland Games to me is a top level event in the town’s social calendar, it has been for 39 years. I have always supported the Games and they are a credit to everyone who works on it, all the committee, the volunteers, the helpers and the various groups and sponsors.

“People sometimes criticise the Three Towns but there is a wee community spirit and its events like that that get people working together.

“I’m looking forward to the day to see people that I haven’t seen for years and my dog Winnie will be going around with me and I will probably get dragged into the hospitality at the end of the day.”

The 2018 games will take place on Sunday, June 10.