THE Royal Bank of Scotland have confirmed that mobile banks will serve Ayrshire branches due for closure for a maximum of two days a week.

Last year, we revealed that the banking giant had decided to close three branches in North Ayrshire with their Saltcoats, Kilwinning and Kilbirnie bases up for the axe.

Now we can reveal the number of days RBS customers will be able to bank using their mobile service in each town.

Saltcoats and Kilwinning will both have mobile banking available for two days a week and Kilbirnie residents will have just one chance every seven days.

It isn’t clear which days each town will have the services in town but local politicians have hit out at RBS, saying that it isn’t good enough.

Patricia Gibson, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, told the Herald: “Mobile banks in Kilwinning, Saltcoats and Kilbirnie will be a poor and unsatisfactory replacement for having a bank in these towns.

“Mobile banks are not disability compliant and are subject to delays due to traffic and weather so they do not offer the same reliability or level of service that customers have a right to expect.

“In addition, it does not address the concerns of our small businesses who need to bank their takings at the end of the business day.

“Not being able to means additional costs are incurred, which is why when bank branches close other small businesses may follow.

“That is why I and my SNP colleagues will again be out again in the towns affected, collecting signatures for my Parliamentary petition.

“This issue goes to the heart of financial inclusion for North Ayrshire residents.”

Labour Councillor Joe Cullinane added: “Mobile banking is no replacement for a branch.

“This is effectively a transit van sitting in a car park. Is that the way we want to do banking in 2018?

“The really appalling thing is that the vans do not have disabled access.

“People with disabilities, particularly those in wheelchairs, will be forced to do financial transactions outside the van.

“How this is allowed under equality legislation I do not know.”

A spokesperson for RBS said: “Exact plans are still being finalised but we will visit Saltcoats twice per week, Kilwinning twice per week and Kilbirnie once per week.”