AN Ayrshire man will once again be walking backwards along the beach to raise money for charity.

Irvine’s Eddy Gemmell, who does the weekly Fitba Shorts junior football highlights, will be walking backwards from Irvine Beach later in the year after previously raising more than £1,000 for Ayrshire Cancer Support.

Junior Football players, fans and anyone else are being encouraged to join in.

The idea is to have one participant walking backwards, with another guiding them then swap over - or if you’re brave enough want just go solo.

Eddy Gemmell said: “My wife and I took a walk along the beach and while I was doing it I was singing ‘I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas’, a Spike Milligan song.

“I tried it out last year and the chaps from Troon Juniors who I used to play for came along with me, and thought let’s make it a bigger event. “We’re setting up our own Justgiving page.”

The backwards walk will take place on Sunday July 29 starting at 10am at Irvine Beach. Anyone interested in taking part can email