A dog owner claims that her pet was injured while being groomed at a Saltcoats vet – and that she was then charged for treatment.

Christine Grier says that her dog Rocky suffered a wound to his neck following a visit to the groomer at Oaks Vets.

Christine had taken one-year-old Rocky, along with her other dog Rambo, to the groomer on March 27.

But she said that she later spotted a wound on Rocky’s neck and she believes this was caused by the groomer.

Oaks Vets agreed to see Rocky on two occasions free of charge. But when the cockapoo’s wound appeared to become infected, Christine was charged £24.09 for cream.

The 30-year-old said: “His wee neck’s still sore; it’s still really scabby. It looks like they’ve taken a big slice out of his skin on his neck.

“When I came back to collect them [the dogs] they looked lovely, absolutely gorgeous.

“It wasn’t until the next morning I noticed it on his neck. We phoned Oaks because I knew it was to do with the grooming and they suggested we take him down. They checked him over and said he was healthy. We never paid for that treatment but his neck started getting worse so I phoned again on Tuesday and got him seen again.

“My mum took him down and they said they would need to get cream for him. They charged £24.09. I phoned and asked and why and they said they’d given us two consultations for free, but I don’t see why we should pay for the cream when it’s happened in their groomers.”

The Herald contacted Oaks Vets but they said that they were unable to comment due to patient confidentiality.