AN Ardrossan-based gym is appealing to local businesses and contributors to help maintain a programme dedicated to the athletic development of the young people of North Ayrshire.

MPHealth needs £360 per athlete per year to complete the programme committed to enhancing the overall effectiveness of each individual.

John Welsh, owner of MPHealth, plans on any available contributions to be held in a ring-fenced account with monthly payments based on the number of approved athletes.

John has suggested “athlete applications be submitted through local schools and evaluated by an independent assessment panel.”

The past six years has seen many success stories as a result of MPHealth’s programme.

Ethan Yates, a 12-year-old gymnast is an incredible example of the accomplishments possible with the aid of MPHealth.

At the tender age of three, Ethan was involved in an accident where his leg was set on fire. He spent two months at Yorkhill Hospital and nine months in a wheelchair.

Starting gymnastics at seven-years-old, Ethan immediately showed natural talent and has now been awarded one of five gymnastics places at Glasgow School of Sport at Bellahouston Academy.

At age 11, Ethan joined MPHealth. Leah Yates, Ethan’s mum, believes that “MPHealth has not only helped Ethan with his sport but also his rehab.”

Ethan competed in his first Scottish national championships after being at MPHealth for only two short months. At this event Ethan placed ninth out of 11 competitors in an under 12 age group.

A year later at the same competition the immense effort and work Ethan put into his training showed through his results of a fourth place in the under 14 age group, missing out on a medal by a score of 0.4, and qualifying for three individual apparatus finals.

After only a year at MPHealth Ethan had improved his placings in the overall category by over six places.

Leah said: “MPHealth immediately identified weaknesses that, once improved, would help him in his sport. Not only has MPHealth helped him with strength and functionality I feel it has helped him with confidence and focus under a competitive environment.”

Athletes of all levels, ages 12- 20 from the North Ayrshire area would be available to apply for the programme resulting in two to four sessions a week. A typical programme first introduces mobility and flexibility improvements before moving onto the development of speed and agility along with core stability which all result in improved movement efficiencies.

The importance of correct movement patterns is highlighted by John, who says: “Basic fundamental movements underpin sports specific skills athletes require resulting in a greater ability to progress and excel in their chosen field.”

The main body of the programme contains age appropriate strength and conditioning movements tailored to each individual athletes specific sporting needs. Contact MPHealth at 01294 539644.