RESIDENTS at Ardrossan’s Hanover House have been busy knitting cats and kittens in support of Alzheimer Scotland.

Montgomerie Court Knitting Circle, which consists of ladies from Hanover House and members of Park Church have been creating scores of colourful feline friends to sell for charity.

Their efforts have seen the ladies recently hand over a £150 cheque to Alzheimer Scotland’s Harbour Centre in Ardrossan.

They are also going to split £50 between two local care homes.

Jack Tyre, a resident at Montgomerie Court, said: “They also knitted about 50 cats and kittens which they sent down to be auctionedoff down in England.

“There’s currently 10 sitting on the table just outside the warden’s office and they ladies are still knitting more.

“If anyone wants one, come to the house during the day, there’s always someone in the day room. They can also get them at one of the two hairdressers on Glasgow Street.”

The knitted felines can be bought by popping into Montgomerie Court. They can also be found in Wavelength Hair and Hair Studio, both on Glasgow Street. Cats are £2 each, kittens are £1 each.