SUMMERLEE MUSEUM of Scottish Industrial Life are appealing for former Glengarnock Steel Workers to tell their stories of the historical landmark.

Summerlee Museum, which houses a collection of machinery from the Test House at Glengarnock, are inviting former workers of the steel mill to contribute to their project to create an online portal for their museum collections.

Through the project, visitors will be able to view the museum’s artefacts and find out more about the national importance of the objects they hold.

The Glengarnock machinery, including a tensile testing machine used to test the strength of steel and a hydraulic pump, built to generate the large amounts of power needed by these testing machines, will be presented on the new website.

Alongside the machinery will be the story of how steel was worked and tested, such as why tensile strength is important; the connections the site had with other steelworks, including Ravenscraig, and snippets of oral history recordings.

The museum would like to make contact with anyone who worked in or was familiar with the Test House at Glengarnock and can tell them more about the machinery and what it was like working there.

To contribute to the project, please contact Justin Parkes on 01236 856376 or email ParkesJ@