A mum says that her children have been left frightened after an intruder entered their caravan at Sandylands.

The man was found within the bathroom of the caravan by a family member on the evening of Saturday, May 12 and fled shortly after.

Another male was there acting as a lookout and is thought to be called Colin and one of the duo left behind a shoe.

The mum managed to photograph one of the pair and is appealing to members of the community to help identify the would-be thief.

She told the Herald: “My three-year-old and six-year-old children were there when he was discovered.

“His pal ‘Colin’ was also there keeping watch and was so out of it he tripped himself up and got caught in the wires for the caravan. He left his shoe behind a grey Adidas trainer.

“My aunt found him in the bathroom in the caravan and she managed to get her bag and other belongings back from him.

“We are hardworking people and they have ruined our break away to make memories with our children. Instead my children now have memories of being frightened and of bad men.

“How dare they think they can just take from people who work hard.”

Local police officers are investigating and are appealing for information.

Inspector Colin Convery at Saltcoats Police Station said: “We can confirm that there was an incident at Sandylands Caravan Park on Saturday night.

“We would appeal for anyone with any information to contact police on 101.”