AN AUCHENHARVIE pupil has realised his dream by being accepted to the prestigious Flight Staff Cadets.

At just 15, Harry Eagleson is one of the youngest to be accepted and from a pool of 32,000 possible appointees, the youngster has big dreams after getting his spot.

Dalry native Harry explained how he got picked and said: “I’m a corporal in the Air Cadets and an opportunity came up for the Flight Staff Cadet and I was picked by my officer commanding.

“I had to put a CV forward and it was chosen out of different wings from all throughout the air cadets. I was then narrowed down to six cadets and I was let off because you are meant to be 16 but because of my gliding experience I was put forward.

“I was in a selection process where we had to complete a ground school, show teamwork abilities, gliding, helping out, making tea and coffee and then an interview and asked about different aspects of gliding and quizzed on the principles of flight.”

Harry has already taken part in his first weekend of the cadets where he will be helping out with launching gliders, hand signals, retrieving them when they come down amongst other duties.

It didn’t look possible for Harry to join the programme and his mum Fiona explained: “The squadron has been shut for cadets for four years so this is a major event that has opened it back up. It was quite an important thing and it stopped. This is major and they have invested £3million to get this back up and running.”

Harry has made a two-year commitment but wants to go even further and has aspirations to follow in his great-grandfather's footsteps as he was a Spitfire pilot in the RAF.

He added: “My commitment is I have to be up a minimum of three days per month for two years but I think they said I can still progress on and they could take me on till 19 and then put me forward for an adult staff member.

“When I am older, when I am 17 and a half, I would like to go on to the RAF as an officer to then progress on to an RAF fast pilot in any fast jet.”

Headteacher Calum Johnston beamed with pride as he spoke of Harry’s selection and he said: “Harry epitomises everything that is good about our school. I think he is hardworking, diligent, exceptionally independent, he’s into everything and commits himself to everything that he does as well.

“So as well as being academic and studious, he is also sporty as has been mentioned. He has a real passion for what he is about to embark on. The overwhelming feeling is pride.

“We try to support all of our young people into what is the most appropriate and positive thing for them and clearly Harry’s passion lies within flight and within the services and that is something we are desperate to help and support.”