LOCALS are being warned about the dangers of tombstoning after a group of youths were spoken to at Ardrossan Harbour.

The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue team was deployed on incident prevention patrol after becoming aware of a group of youths jumping off the pier at Ardrossan Marina into the cold water below.

On several occasions, the youths were jumping into the water as yachts and other vessels were entering and exiting the marina.

In the UK alone, there has been over 16 fatalities and over 50 serious injuries attributed to tombstoning the in the last six years.

Kevin Paterson from the Coastguard team said: “We would urge parents and guardians to discuss these dangers openly and honestly with all young people to ensure they are fully aware of the dangers associated with this high risk, unregulated activity.

“It’s called tombstoning for a reason. Please share this message far and wide - it may just save someone's life. If you do see people putting themselves at risk at the coast please don’t hesitate to contact the Coastguard.”