MYSTERY reigned over West Kilbride this week after a number of family pets appeared to be poisoned by weed killer.

But North Ayrshire Council, who were said to have sprayed the area in question, firmly denied it was anything to do with their products despite claims a worker told a resident that the spray was ‘toxic’.

Garry Morris’ pet cats were both affected after what he believes to be toxic weedkiller was sprayed around the areas of Farmfield Terrace, Castle Drive and Stairlie Crescent in the village.

At least four cats and two dogs have been affected over the past six days in the area.

Garry told the Herald: “My neighbour was told by a worker, ‘you need to put your pet in for the next hour or so, the spray is highly toxic.

"All the streets are connected by paths and a cat at the houses at the far end has been affected.

“The vet told us that it was toxins that had burnt the inside of my cats mouth.

"The vet in West Kilbride said there was another cat on Friday and it looked like it was the same.

“I want an explanation and I want this checked out.

“I don’t want compensation or anything like that, I just want the matter raised.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We manage the North Ayrshire landscape in a sustainable way using chemicals which are environmentally friendly and safe for use on areas frequented by both people and animals.

“We use a herbicide which – even in its concentrated form – is of low risk to animals.

"However, we dilute this further before it is applied, making it highly unlikely to be of any risk to animals.”