ARDROSSAN was bathed in sunshine for the 2018 Highland Games, which took place on Sunday.

Locals turned out in force to support the annual event, which every year sees competitors from all over the country in piping, dancing and heavy events.

And this year saw a record number of dance entries with almost 150 performers taking part.

The 2018 chieftain was Pat Breen, a popular character in the local community renowned for his work with Winton Rovers and the Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society among others.

Pat told the Herald that he was “honoured” to have been chosen as the chieftain for such a “a fantastic day”.

He added: “My friend was saying that it was an excellent day – well, he underestimated it because it was an outstanding day.

“The weather was good, everything was good, the whole thing was overwhelming. I really enjoyed myself.

“I was honoured to be chosen as the chieftain. I felt like royalty for a day!

“The whole day was the highlight – all the dancers, the pipe bands, seeing all the people enjoying themselves on the day. My wee dug Winnie, she loved it as well. She’s a wee chowchow. Her and my granddaughter led the parade.

“I have been to the Highland Games lots of times, but you never see what goes on behind the scenes and the amount of work that goes into it.

“I’m really honoured and privileged to have been asked to be the chieftain.”

Alastair Arnott, chairman of Ardrossan Highland Games, said: “We were lucky with the weather. We had a record breaking number of dance entries and we had a couple of world champion pipe bands through, which was really exciting. The chieftain performed his duties impeccably.

“We can’t thank the local community enough in the Three Towns, between the locals coming to support us on the day and local businesses helping to make the games a success.

“I think the weather added to make the whole day a highlight. It was such a great day with a great turnout and that added to the whole atmosphere.

“I’d like to thank the committee, the local businesses, the community and of course our chieftain.”