ARRAN’S Coastguard Rescue Team had an unusual callout last week when a zorse had to be moved to safety to let a helicopter land.

On Wednesday, June 27, the team were called out at 2am to help with a medical evacuation from the island but when they arrived at the landing site they found a pony, a hedgehog and the zorse - a cross between a zebra and a horse.

The team had to ensure the animals were out of harm’s way before assisting with the evacuation.

A spokesperson said: “It started with a page from CGOC Belfast Coastguard for a medivac at 0200, which is not unusual for the team, what was unusual was that they had the challenge of finding a zorse and pony at the landing sitenot a spelling mistake but a horse crossed with a zebra and with the stripes to prove it.

“After getting the zorse and pony to safety then clearing a hedgehog from the middle of the site they were able to allow the Scottish Ambulance Service Helimed 5 to land safely.”

The team were called out again later that day to help with a casualty on Holy Isle and once more the following morning for another medical evacuation.