A man who broke bail by approaching his ex-girlfriend, leaving her to shake in fear has avoided a jail term.

Darren Payne, of Beith’s Laburnum Avenue, was put on a two-year course for domestic abusers after failing to comply with a condition preventing him from communicating with his ex.

Payne appeared from custody at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court for sentencing, having previously pled guilty to one charge.

The court heard that Payne entered his ex’s home on May 5 and stated that she was leaving with him. According to a witness, the woman appeared to be “intimidated by his presence” and was shaking. She refused to join Payne and he left the property.

Police were then actioned to attend the address in relation to a noise complaint. They spoke to Payne’s ex and her friend and neither disclosed the previous incident with Payne. As officers were leaving, they saw Payne running past them and trying to approach his ex. The woman then informed police of the incident.

Defence solicitor Peter Murray argued that as his client had been remanded for the breach, he had already spent “a significant period in custody”.

Mr Murray also said that Payne and the woman wished to get back together but pointed out that his client’s social work report “contains matters that are concerning in regards to his relationship”.

He added: “She had been in contact with him imploring him to meet her. That’s had significant consequences for him. He is the author of his own misfortune.”

Sheriff Craig Harris said: “Mr Payne, you were granted bail from this court on 26 April, yet only nine days later you were in breach of that condition.

“The court is entitled to send you to custody today but I’m not going to do that. My recommendation would be supervision for the court to keep an eye on you and, in particular, the Caledonian Programme which I think would be of significant benefit to you.”

Payne was placed on the Caledonian Programme for two years and ordered to carry out 45 hours of unpaid work with supervision and a review on September 25.