A demolition worker lived up to his job title when he went on the rampage at his mother-in-law’s house after an argument with his girlfriend.

Craig Crossan behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, wrecking household items and garden furniture at the home of his girlfriend’s mum in the Three Towns.

Crossan, of Raylight Place in Ardrossan, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to one charge.

The court heard that Crossan and his girlfriend had gone to stay at the house she shares with her mum on July 6.

The pair went upstairs and soon after, the woman’s mum heard shouting coming from her daughter’s bedroom and so went to investigate. She asked Crossan to leave, but he kicked off and punched a wall.

Crossan went to go downstairs and knocked over a hoover by kicking it, causing it to break.

The girlfriend’s mum tried to usher Crossan out of the house. As she did so, he kicked a glass table, which caused it to smash.

The complainer got Crossan out the door and phoned the police.

While on the phone, the woman could hear Crossan in the garden smashing a number of items.

She then heard her daughter speaking to someone and went into the kitchen, where she saw Crossan attempting to climb in through the window.

As a result of the 33-year-old’s attempts to enter in this way, various items fell off the draining board and smashed.

Crossan’s girlfriend then told him that her mum had phoned the police. He left and was observed walking away from the property.

The girlfriend’s mother then went outside and saw her garden furniture had been broken, the wheelie bin had been thrown and items were strewn everywhere.

It was also revealed that a neighbour had seen Crossan banging the back gate.

Officers arrived and found Crossan nearby. He was detained.

Crossan’s solicitor Sandy Currie said of his client: “He works in the demolition industry, perhaps unfortunately.”

When Sheriff Shirley Foran asked what the background to the couple’s dispute had been, Mr Currie replied: “He literally can’t remember because of the amount of drink consumed.”

The solicitor added: “The relationship continues to this day without difficulty.

“He had far too much to drink. There was an argument which neither of them remember.

“He’s aware that this was unacceptable behaviour.

“He tells me the damage has been replaced and he hopes to put the matter behind him.

“He admits losing self-control and acting in the manner described.

“He’s thoroughly ashamed of himself.”

Sheriff Foran fined Crossan £600, discounted from £800 due to his guilty plea.