A pensioner fears that congestion caused by parked cars on a Stevenston street could cause a serious accident.

The 88-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous , contac ted the Herald with concerns over the lack of space on Glencairn Street. He argued that customers’ parked cars from the High Road Autos garage narrow the road.

The resident said: “There’s going to be a bad accident. The bus stops across from the garage. When a bus stops there’s a lot of congestion.

“We have complained to the council about it but nobody’s doing anything. We just want to get some action. There’s going to be a death there.

“Vans and cars take up the whole of the left side of the road. It’s terrible.”

High Road Autos owner Ian Porter, responded: “The garage has always been there, since before the residents. I’ve nowhere else to put them [the vehicles].

“I’m trying to make a living. I’ve got to take the work, I can’t turn it away. I’ve said to the residents ‘Come in every year for an MOT and service because of the hass le you’re having’. I try my best for them.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We have previously been out to inspect this area and while none of the cars – a combination of residents’ vehicles and those associated with the garage – were parked illegally or seemed to be causing an obstruction, we recognise the concerns of residents.

“We are looking to put down line markings across drives to try and reduce obstructive parking. We hope this well alleviate any issues.”