LOCAL MP Patricia Gibson has hit out at a Tory rival who attacked her voting record at Parliament as she says the votes she has missed are English only matters.

Last week, Jamie Greene called out the SNP MP for North Ayrshire and Arran for missing 43 votes at Westminster, meaning she had voted in 77.1 per cent of votes, a record he says was contrasted by every single Conservative MP.

But Ms Gibson hit back at the West Region MSP and said that she had only missed English Votes for English Laws and called the Tories hypocrites for the way they vote.

Mr Greene told the Herald: “As politicians we are elected by the people to serve the people. The very least they expect is that we turn up to work and do the jobs that they have entrusted us to do. That is why it is so deeply concerning that North Ayrshire and Arran’s MP has missed over a fifth of votes in the last year alone.

“Instead of missing votes and staging walk outs in the House of Commons I would suggest Patricia Gibson, no matter her view on independence, takes her role serious and starts standing up for the people that she represents.”

The MP responded: “The fact is that the Tories are ironically the Party that introduced English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) which discounts the votes of Scottish MPs who vote on matters relating only to England.

"However, despite this, Tory MPs who represent Scottish constituencies cynically and hypocritically vote on issues – such as cutting school meals budgets in England – which they know under EVEL will not be counted – just to claim a better voting record.

“I make no apologies for not voting on English Only matters. It is time for the Tories to explain why they continue to vote against Scotland’s interests.”