A dog had his paw sliced open after standing on discarded broken glass in a Dalry park – the fourth time in eight weeks according to his owner.

Two-year-old Caesar has been in pain since the weekend after he stood on glass shards in the town’s public park.

Owner Pippa Smith immediately washed the Labrador’s wound and had his paw bandaged up. But the Dalry resident said she is fed up with seeing smashed bottles around the park and fears that one of her pets might get injured again.

Pippa told the Herald: “It happened on Sunday [August 5] and he hasn’t been walking since then.

“He needs lifted when I take him up the stairs because he whimpers when he puts weight on it because of where the cut is on his paw pad.

“I was walking my two Labradors on the same route that I always do, and you always see glass lying around.

“It is starting to get really frustrating now because this is now the fourth time in two months that Caesar’s paw pads have been sliced open on this walk and it’s not fair on him.

“I know people will say ‘he’s just a dog’ but it means he can’t get out and exercise and has to stay indoors.

“I’ve spoken to other dog walkers and they have had the same happen to their dogs as well. Apparently, it’s kids that are hanging around the park drinking, which if that’s what they do then fine but to smash the glass bottles and leave it there is selfish – there’s bins all over the park.

“It literally takes two seconds to walk over and put the bottles in the bin.”

Pippa added that being unable to walk Caesar has been upsetting for both her and her dog.

She said: “When I changed his bandages this morning and let him walk around the house without it to see how he was he was still limping quite bad, so I’ve not been able to walk him again.

“I feel so guilty as well because when I got out with Macy [Caesar’s sister] he looks at me like ‘What about me?’”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, despite our efforts to keep the park safe and tidy, there are clearly a small number of individuals whose disregard for the park ruin it for the families, dog walkers and children who enjoy this outdoor space.

“To help reduce the chances of an incident like this happening again, our Streetscene Environmental Enforcement Officers will be carrying out patrols of the area in an effort to catch those responsible for such acts.

“We would urge residents to report any instances of environmental crimes, such as littering, on 01294 321000.”