A KILWINNING man is facing jail after admitting to barging into a school toilet where children were getting undressed.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went on a rampage, shouting aggressively and even lunged at the headteacher inside the North Ayrshire primary school on December 14 whilst attending a Christmas Show.

The court heard the 37-year-old turned up at around 6.30pm and asked to see his daughter who was changing with other pupils in the girls’ toilets.

A teacher went and collected the girl but was met by him in the corridor, before he then barged into the girls’ toilets.

Fiscal Stewart McMillan told the court: “The headteacher was dealing with other matters in the main hall and the accused then barged passed the table blocking the corridor.

“In the corridor he met his daughter who was with a member of staff. The accused then took his daughter into the female toilets where other pupils were getting changed.

“A member of staff followed him in and told him he should not be in the toilets.

“Other members of staff ushered children out of the toilets because of the accused’s presence.”

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told that after repeatedly being told to leave by the headteacher, the father became aggressive and abusive towards her, leaving her fearing he would hit her.

Mr McMillan said: “The headteacher asked him to leave. He refused and became aggressive and at that point stated, ‘I don’t need to do what you tell me. You are nothing but a numpty. This is my wean. I will do what I like.

“‘Nobody likes you. I will go when I’m ready.’

“She asked him to leave again and he lunged towards her. She believed he was going to hit her and she asked members of staff to get the janitor and her husband who was also in the school.

“It was a scary situation for the young girls present due to his aggressive manner. Even the accused’s daughter informed him he was not allowed to be in the toilets.

“The child of the accused cuddled into a teacher due to the accused’s conduct.

“He left the toilets and went to the hallway where he was gesturing with his arms in an intimidating manner. He then left through a fire door, by this point other members of the public were shouting at the accused just to leave.”

But defence solicitor Jim Irvine told the court his client had wrongly thought he was going in to a disabled toilet and “acts impulsively” without realising he can be intimidating.

He said: “I’ve dealt with him for a number of years and he’s a man who acts impulsively. He’s loud and speaks with his hands and to people who don’t know him he may appear intimidating.

“He thought he could take his daughter into a disabled toilet and help her get changed. In fact he had went into the girl’s toilets and they were alarmed to see an adult man in the children’s toilets.

“In hindsight he realises that the matter could have been handled differently.”

Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane deferred for reports but warned the man he may be jailed.

She said: “I could send him to prison right now. But I’m going to defer this matter until August 28 for completion of social work reports.”