ARRAN RNLI’s busy summer continued as they were tasked to a sailing vessel with mechanical difficulties.

At 5.10pm on Wednesday, August 22 Arran RNLI’s volunteer inshore lifeboat crew was called to the aid of a sailing vessel which was suffering engine difficulty near Brodick Bay.

The Arran RNLI crew assembled and launched the inshore lifeboat Rachel Hedderwick to come to the assistance of the vessel which had suffered dual engine failure and was adrift near Brodick Bay. Once arriving on scene the Arran RNLI crew towed the vessel towards a mooring within Brodick Bay. This continues a busy year for Arran RNLI, marking the stations 16th launch of the year.

Arran RNLI helm Mark Nelson said: “Today’s callout just showed the value of being well prepared to call for assistance when needed, the crew of the sailing vessel were very unlucky to suffer engine failure but knew to call for assistance when needed and we’re happy to help. At the end of the day we’re just happy everyone is back in port safe and sound. This year has been busy with the station averaging a callout once a fortnight and this just goes to show the dedication of the volunteer crew we have on station.”