STEVENSTON singing sensation Annastaisyar is set to sing in front of 15,000 people at a gig in Glasgow’s George Square.

The 12-year-old, who is a pupil at Auchenharvie Academy, is living the dream and has already graced some of the most iconic stages in the country.

Following up from her set on the main stage of at King Tut’s, where Oasis famously played, she played a headline set at the Classic Grand in Glasgow.

And with gigs planned in the Barrowland and Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club, where The Beatles made their name, she is certainly following in some big footsteps.

The youngster is not fazed in the slightest and will perform in front of 15,000 people in George Square on Saturday, September 15 with the Ronaines and Graham Brown Band.

She is also in the studio recording her first album and her first single will be released next month.

Anna’s dad Alex Muir explained that a national television show had been in touch but Anna wanted to keep expressing herself.

He said: “The Voice Kids phoned her to audition as they heard her singing online but she declined saying she wants to make it on her own and be free to express herself musically.”

Anna added: “Music is about freedom and passion, it is a powerful and fun way to express yourself.

“Yes, it would be good to be on TV in front of millions, but I get just as much out of singing to a few people who appreciate my music as I do singing to thousands.

“If I am forced to sing songs that are not me then I’ve missed the point and music is tamed and controlled.

"It has to be free to impact people or it dies.

“Hopefully I can make it on my own terms and get on TV by myself and if not, I am still living the dream.”

Anna is playing with other young, talented people from across the country, including her friend Niamh Frew.

Naimh only picked up a bass guitar for the first time a few weeks ago and she is now enjoying playing alongside Anna at big venues in front of great crowds.