A MAN who slashed his own throat and face with a broken piece of plastic in front of his terrified partner is awaiting sentence.

John Sinclair admitted smashing a mirror and a child’s plastic table before using broken plastic to cut his neck and face after his partner asked him to look after their child on August 28 this year.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 35-year-old from Glasgow Street in Ardrossan went on the rampage at an address in Munroe Walk, Saltcoats after his on-off girlfriend asked him to look after their two-year-old while she attended an appointment.

The fiscal told the court: “This angered the accused and he began to shout.

“The complainer tried to calm him down but he continued to shout and punch the walls and broke their child’s plastic table.

“He then went upstairs and punched a mirror which caused it to smash and cause cuts to his hands.

“He returned downstairs and picked up a piece of the plastic table and used this to cut his neck and face.

That scared the complainer and she contacted the police but did not speak on the phone.

A male was shouting in the background and children were crying in the background ofthe 999 call.”

The court heard the woman left the house with the child and police arrived shortly afterwards where Sinclair told them he “wished he had killed himself.”

Defending Martin Duffy said: “He is very emotionally upset and suffers from depression which stems from the death of his mother in June this year. Sinclair – who also goes by the surname Smith – also pled guilty to smashing his brother over the head with a wooden table leg following a night of drinking on April 22 this year.

The cour t heard the brothers began arguing in the house and it spilled out into the street where Sinclair had launched the assault with the table leg, leaving his brother needing seven stitches to a 4-5cm laceration to his head.

The fiscal told the court: “The complainer had become increasingly drunk and struck his head off a wall and punched a door.

“This aggravated the accused and they began to argue.it became heated and spilled in to the street outside 

“The accused then struck the complainer and returned to the house.

“Friends noticed he was bleeding heavily from a wound to his head and an ambulance was called as they could not stem the bleeding.

“Police were contacted and were advised that a male had been assaulted with a table leg. Police visited the hospital and the complainer advised that the accused had hit him with a table leg. There was a 4-5cm laceration to his head which ne eded seven stitches.”

Kilmarnock Sheriff Michael Hanlon adjourned for reports. Sinclair will return to the same court for sentencing on both matters later this month.