Fines dodgers have been warned to pay up or find their cash seized after a Saltcoats man had his bank account frozen for repeatedly failing to pay a court fine.

The man had two fines totalling £574 imposed at Kilmarnock JP Court and Dumbarton JP Court but ignored repeated warnings and attempts to agree payment.

Fines enforcement officers obtained an earnings arrestment order and the full amount was then recovered.

Another Ayrshire man had his wages seized after failing to pay more than half of a £2,000 fine for vandalism.

SCTS Chief Operations Officer David Fraser said: “The fines enforcement teams continue to be highly effective in securing unpaid fines – ignoring your fine and not speaking to an enforcement officer if you are having difficulty paying is very unwise.

“Failure to pay, or to engage with our officers, will result in strong sanctions being taken including arrestment of wages, bank accounts, your car being clamped or inconvenience and embarrassment by being arrested when travelling abroad.”