Burial charges for children up to the age of 18 have been abolished.

At North Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet meeting yesterday (Tuesday), members agreed to a proposal to remove all charges relating to the burial of a child.

Now it has been approved, it is hoped that the move will help minimise any financial burden on grieving parents and families.

Cabinet Member for Place, Councillor Jim Montgomerie, said: “Only a parent who has tragically lost a child will know the true devastation which they go through.

“That’s why should offer them all the support we can and while the removal of burial charges won’t take away their grief, it will be one less thing to worry about.

“No-one should face the financial stress of paying for their child’s funeral. Yet we know that there are bereaved parents who go into debt to pay for their child’s funeral so removing these charges will help ease the burden they face.”

Currently, North Ayrshire Council does not charge for interments of children aged under 16 years of age but there is a charge if a new lair is required, and for the foundation for any headstone to be erected.

This is set to change as Cabinet voted to abolish charges for children’s burials.

This will mean the removal of all charges for interments for children aged up to 18, as well as the abolition of charges for new lairs, foundations and permits for burials of children.

The move follows on from an agreement earlier this summer between COSLA leaders and the Scottish Government to remove burial charges.

Whilst North Ayrshire Council does not own or operate any crematoria, officers will work with the two private providers within the area to support the removal of charges for child cremations.