THE survey to gauge opinion and find out the views of locals about traffic in Saltcoats Town Centre has been officially launched.

It has been spearheaded by local councillor Jean McClung and Saltcoats Community Council and copies of the questionnaire will be available in the Town Hall and in Ardrossan Library as Saltcoats Library is currently being refurbished.

There will be members of the community council in Dockhead Street at various times and will be asking for the views of locals.

Cllr McClung, who is an SNP councillor on the Saltcoats ward, was collecting views at the weekend and witnessed a close shave involving a young child, bringing to the forefront exactly why the survey is being carried out.

She told the Herald: “I think it is important to get as many, and as wide a range of responses as possible so that the views of all are taken into account.

“When I was carrying out the survey on Saturday, I witnessed a very close shave involving a young child of about two-to-three years of age who wandered into the path of a four-by-four. It was only the quick reactions of a bystander that saved her from being run down. She was dragged away from the vehicle just in time to save her from serious injury. It is obvious that something has to be done before a serious accident takes place.”