THE North Ayrshire Foodbank and church where it is based were left reeling again this week after another attack by firebugs.

This is the second time that the Church of the Nazarene and the Foodbank based there have been targeted this year and last Thursday’s fire caused substantial damage.

Amongst the destroyed items that were being housed in the shed in the church grounds were toys that had been donated that were being kept for Christmas time.

Craig Crosthwaite, Co-ordinator of the Foodbank made it clear that this wasn’t going to stop them helping out those in need.

He told the Herald: “This was the second such incident this year and the most damaging “The shed will have to be removed and all of the contents were destroyed.

“That includes plastic produce trays belonging to a sponsor, a trolley system for carrying the trays, cardboard boxes for packing the emergency food and donated toys being kept for Christmas.

“We will need help to deconstruct the shed and have it moved to an appropriate place of disposal.”

“There are no plans to replace the shed as it is clearly a target for those who either want to break into it and take things –we had three break-ins last year – or set it on fire.

“We will, however, persevere to bring relief to those needing support.”

Police and fire personnel attended the incident.