A NEW long-term plan to look after Ayrshire’s shoreline has been approved by North Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet.

The Shoreline Management Plan for the Ayrshire coastline has been developed in partnership with South Ayrshire Council.

The masterplan presents a large-scale assessment of the risks to the people of Ayrshire and its historic and natural environment from coastal flooding and erosion, and identifies suitable policies for the management of these risks.

The plan covers the entire Ayrshire mainland coastline from Skelmorlie in the north to the northern shore of Loch Ryan in the south, as well as the coasts of the islands of Arran and Great Cumbrae.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “The Ayrshire coastline is a hugely important asset and it’s crucial that we have a proper plan in place to ensure it remains that way.

“This plan looks at the potential risks we face in years to come – everything from tidal flooding to erosion – and how we can best place ourselves to meet those challenges.

“In the years to come, this plan will play a key role in the efforts to ensure our shoreline can be enjoyed by future generations.”

A series of consultation events were held across North Ayrshire earlier this year to give local residents a closer look at the proposals and the chance to have their say.

It sets out policies on how to manage risks from flooding and as well as identifying opportunities to maintain and improve the coastal environment.

The plan also identifies the need for feasibility studies to be carried out over the coming years to examine the level of risk to some parts of North Ayrshire’s coastline.

It can be viewed at www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/community-safety/flooding/ayrshire-shoreline-management-plan.aspx