Aaran McDonald the incumbent MSYP for Cunninghame South has announced his bid to be re-elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament in 2019.

Aaran who was first elected in 2017 has been working as an MSYP for nearly two years and has been working to fulfil his manifesto commitment while also taking on other issues ranging from; Mosquito devices in the Rivergate mall to WiFi access in schools across North Ayrshire.

Since taking on the role Aaran has found the role both rewarding and incredibly humbling recently saying: “Since taking over from the previous MSYPs I have gained another sense of respect for those who have held the position before me.

"I have worked with young people from across Cunninghame South and they have been very welcoming and have brought to me their issues and those are the issues I have sought to gain progress on.”

Aaran has been busy since taking office. By his one year anniversary he had attended 109 meetings.

Voting is due to open in March next year.