SCHOOLKIDS who have had their outdoor learning hindered by dog poo have started a campaign encouraging owners to clean up after their pets.

The children at St Peter’s Primary in Ardrossan want to visit the North Shore to go pond dipping, carry out a beach clean and participate in other activities – but the route is covered in dog mess.

Now P4 pupils have appealed to residents to clean up after their dogs.

Lisa Vint, P4 teacher at St Peter’s, told the Herald: “We want to take the children down to the beach for outdoor learning, but from South Isle Drive, through Montfode Court and Montfode Drive and the lane under the railway bridge at Witches Lynn is really, really covered in dog poo.

“It’s really bad, you have to walk sideways to avoid it. You can’t take a whole class and avoid the poo.

“I have alerted North Ayrshire Council and they had it thoroughly cleaned, but it just happens again. There are bins there and the council have signs, so the kids are appealing to the residents to clean up.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “It’s heartening to see the children taking an active interest in keeping their environment clean and free of dog mess.

“While the children’s effort are to be commended, it’s disappointing that a number of dog owners are still refusing to clean up their mess.

“Hopefully, the actions of the St Peter’s Primary pupils will encourage thoughtless dog owners to think again. Our Streetscene team will be in touch with St Peter’s to see if there is any way we can support their excellent campaign.

“Our environmental enforcement officers are working tirelessly, patrolling our streets and targeting those who are failing to clean up after their dogs. Those that are caught will face a fixed penalty notice.

“All complaints can be made at EnvironmentalEnforcementTeam@ and will be taken seriously.”