An issue with Stagecoach drivers failing to pick up passengers at a designated bus stop has been resolved – after residents complained to the Herald.

Tommy Milligan contacted the Herald last week because he was fed up with the number 11 service often driving past the bus stop near his home in Ardrossan.

Tommy said that the stop’s location on Chapelhill Mount was not marked with a sign, but that it had been a designated bus stop for around 50 years.

He said: “It happens to everybody. It’s been a bus stop since 1968 – everybody knows it’s a bus stop, but some drivers still drive past it.

“I’ve phoned the Ardrossan depot and the Kilmarnock depot. They say they’ll tell the drivers but then it happens again.

“It’s not so bad for me, I can walk, but my mother’s 82 with osteoporosis, and there’s young lassies with prams, people carrying lots of messages.

“It just makes me angry every time it happens. It creates a lot of tension and anger between passengers and drivers. I’ve just had enough of it.”

But when the Herald approached Stagecoach with Tommy’s concerns, a sign marking the bus stop was erected the following day.

A spokesperson for Stagecoach West Scotland confirmed that they had been in touch with SPT over the creation of a permanent stop.

The spokesperson added: “We will ensure that all of our drivers are now aware of this.”